FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Room Air Filters

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Room Air Filters

Does 360AIRONE have a HEPA filter?

HEPA Filter

We have been observing the ongoing discussion about indoor air purification in relation to COVID-19 for weeks now.

The nano i10 filter is designed for particle filtration, and the ECARF certification was crucial in its design.

The discussion about COVID-19 has brought the topic of HEPA filters back into focus. To assess the situation, it is important to differentiate the following:

  • Filter class H13 = 99.9%
  • Filter class H14 = 99.99%

For particle sizes of 0.1 and 0.3 microns, respectively.

Aerosols larger than 5 micrometers are defined as droplets, while those smaller than 5 micrometers are considered true aerosols. It is not the aerosols themselves that pose a problem, but rather the viruses that adhere to them. From a filter’s perspective, aerosols are also just particles. Although our nano i10 filter is not a HEPA filter, the 360AIRONE can remove up to 99% of aerosols.

In a room with people or with doors/windows open, new particles (dust, viruses, aerosols) are constantly being generated. Achieving a general air purity of over 99% for the entire room is challenging (even with HEPA filters).

Our 360AIRONE reduces aerosol contamination; however, it alone does not provide 100% protection. But when combined with other hygiene measures, it becomes an important factor.

The advantage of our air purifier lies in its continuous reduction of particles compared to intermittent ventilation, especially during winter.

Does 360AIRONE work in open-plan offices?

Our recommendation for placing the 360AIRONE in an open-plan office is based on the concept known as the swarm concept in energy technology.

In an open-plan office, there are partition walls, cabinets, desks, and other obstacles that hinder uniform airflow. A single large device alone cannot achieve good air circulation in such a space. If we envision the air conditioning of the room, there would be multiple air outlets present.

Therefore, the placement of multiple 360AIRONE air purifiers, well-distributed throughout the room, is the solution to achieve the required air performance in sum.

Furthermore, the 360AIRONE can be seamlessly integrated into any room setting, allowing for a harmonious appearance.

What is the advantage of the 360AIRONE air purifier?

Was ist der Vorteil des 360AIRONE Luftreinigers?

The 360AIRONE air purifier offers several advantages. It utilizes state-of-the-art filter media, built on 75 years of filtration experience, to significantly reduce aerosols, viruses, and bacteria. It efficiently removes fine dust, pollen, and odors from your indoor air. In addition, the 360AIRONE combines an aesthetic modular design with the highest standards for clean air, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant indoor environment.

Why should the air be cleaned at home?

Weshalb sollte die Luft auch zu Hause gereinigt werden?

Clean air is important for the immune system, health, overall well-being, and performance. In enclosed spaces, the number of pathogens in the indoor air can increase.

Can an air purifier clean the entire apartment from dust, smoke, and other substances?

To effectively clean the air in an apartment or office, it is important to consider the maximum capacity of the device. Especially in large apartments or houses, it makes more sense to equip individual rooms using the swarm concept with air purifiers to achieve optimal results. Placing just one large device in one corner of the apartment or office is not practical for cleaning the air in all rooms.

What does an air purifier filter from the air?

Air purifiers can filter out pollen, mold spores, fine dust and dust mites, odors, as well as bacteria and viruses from the air.

Is ventilation necessary despite the use of an air purifier?

Indoor air quality plays a crucial role in our well-being and physical and mental performance. We spend more than half of our day indoors, highlighting the importance of a good indoor environment.

Even with the use of an air purifier, regular ventilation is still recommended. While air purifiers can reduce allergens and fine dust particles, they do not affect the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. Ventilation helps to remove stale air, replenish oxygen levels, and maintain a healthy balance of gases in the room. Therefore, a combination of air purifier usage and regular ventilation is ideal for maintaining optimal indoor air quality.

Does the 360AIRONE air purifier help neutralize odors?

Our carbon i10 combination filter is effective against both particulate and gaseous pollutants. This filter utilizes a 3-layer structure. The pre-filter layer removes coarse particles (such as hair, dust, and pollen). An additional layer of highly efficient activated carbon filters out gaseous pollutants like formaldehyde, unpleasant odors, and other organic and inorganic pollutants. The third layer captures fine dust particles, including smoke, bacteria, and other microorganisms. Therefore, the 360AIRONE air purifier can help in neutralizing odors by effectively filtering out the particles and gases that contribute to unpleasant smells.

What room sizes is the 360AIRONE suitable for?

The 360AIRONE air purifier is designed with a modular concept, making it suitable for various room sizes. The cube principle is modular and adapts ideally to different spatial conditions, considering both the required air performance and room design.

We recommend the following number of cubes based on room sizes: One cube for approximately 25m², two cubes for approximately 50m², and three cubes for approximately 75-100m².

Can a single cube of the 360AIRONE be easily added or removed?

Due to its modular concept, it is very easy to add or remove additional cubes from the 360AIRONE with just a few simple steps. Simply remove the cover and another cube can be added or removed as desired.

Is the filter of the 360AIRONE washable?

The replaceable filter in the 360AIRONE is designed for single-use and is not washable. Cleaning is not necessary during its entire lifespan.

How often should the filter of the 360AIRONE be replaced?

The life cycle of a filter is influenced by various factors. How often you actually need to replace a filter depends on the actual usage and the level of pollutant and dust contamination in the indoor air.

How do you know when the filter should be replaced?

The app of your 360AIRONE air purifier will display the exact percentage when the filter needs to be replaced. The sensor panel on the device itself will also indicate whether the filter should be changed. If the panel lights up in blue, the filter is still in good condition. If the display turns red, it means that the filter needs to be replaced.

How are the filters replaced in the air purifier?

Thanks to the modular system of the 360AIRONE, replacing the filters is easy. Simply remove the cube, take out the filter in the fresh air, and insert the new filter within a few seconds.

Is there anything to consider when replacing the filters?

We recommend wearing disposable gloves and a face mask when replacing the filters.

Does the filter need to be cleaned during the usage period?

No, cleaning the filter is not necessary during usage. After the designated usage period, the filter can be easily replaced with just a few simple steps.

Where should an air purifier ideally be placed?

Place the air purifier in a location where the air can be drawn in and expelled freely, ensuring a stable position. Avoid placing the air purifier near heat sources such as stoves or ovens, and do not place it in wet areas. 360AIRONE air purifiers are not designed for use in damp rooms or outdoor environments.

Can the 360AIRONE be operated 24/7?

Yes, the 360AIRONE air purifier is designed for both rapid air purification in rooms and maintaining clean air quality consistently.

What maintenance is recommended/required for the 360AIRONE?

The air purifier is maintenance-free during regular operation, except for the filter replacement. The surface should be wiped with a soft damp cloth to prevent scratching from dirt particles. Do not use abrasive substances or solvent-based cleaners for cleaning.

What does Sleep Mode vs. Turbo Mode mean?

Sleep Mode

The lowest level is ideal for continuous operation during sleep. If the device is running at a higher air output, the power can be continuously reduced by briefly touching the control panel. The control panel will light up in blue. The automatic mode is deactivated.

Turbo Mode

If the control panel is touched for about 5 seconds, the air purifier switches to the highest fan speed. Ideal for quick cleaning. If the device is running at a lower power, the air output can be increased continuously by briefly touching the control panel. The control panel will light up in blue. The automatic mode is deactivated. When a power level between maximum (Turbo) and minimum (Sleep) is manually selected, both the Turbo and Sleep control panels will light up simultaneously. Only the Turbo control panel will be illuminated to indicate reaching the highest fan speed. Similarly, only the Sleep control panel will be illuminated to indicate the minimum power level.


The Turbo mode is time-limited. After one hour, the air purifier will switch to automatic mode.

How do I enable and disable the Wi-Fi function of the 360AIRONE air purifier?

By touching the control panel for 1-3 seconds, the air purifier will enable the Wi-Fi function.

What functions does the 360AIRONE app offer?

Once the air purifier is connected to the app via Wi-Fi, the “AIR QUALITY” display shows the current air situation, and the device can be turned on and off. Additionally, the automatic mode can be enabled or disabled, and the fan speed can be adjusted according to preference. The “FILTER STATUS” section provides information on the current filter capacity.

How do I install the 360AIRONE app?

For iOS devices, you can find the app for free on the Apple App Store. Simply click on “Install” to download the app. For Android devices, you can download the app for free from the Google Play Store by searching for it using your smartphone.

What are the specific warranty conditions?

The warranty for the 360AIRONE air purifier is valid for two years from the date of purchase. The presentation of the original purchase receipt is a requirement for the warranty to be applicable. Registering your device early will simplify the process of handling your warranty claims.

What is covered by the warranty?

360AIRONE conducts comprehensive quality control checks on all products. If your air purifier is not functioning properly, the device itself is covered by the warranty. However, the replaceable filters are not included in the warranty coverage. If you encounter any issues, please contact your point of sale.

How long does the warranty last?

The warranty for the 360AIRONE air purifier is valid for two years from the date of purchase. The warranty requires the presentation of the original proof of purchase.

Do you have any other questions?

Please feel free to use our contact form for any further inquiries.

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